Friday, December 4, 2009

These Guys Make the BCS Look Fair

Today is the World Cup Draw, where we learn possibly how well our great nation's summer could go. As always FIFA had to change the seeding formula, so all the excel spreadsheets and math I did was a complete waste of time.

World Cup Qualifying is the only competition I have ever seen where they let the teams play out the games, have all the teams qualify, and then they decide who the best teams without anyone knowing how they are going to determine who the best seven nations are. At least the BCS and college football have the decency to tell the mid-majors they are shit out of luck unless hell freezes over.

So what do I think will happen today? First off I don't think the draw is rigid, but the results sometimes can make you think otherwise. FIFA has always wanted the host to make into the knockout stage, which is why South Africa is seeded for this World Cup. I feel that South Africa, while potentially getting a difficult group, will get an easy group that will hopefully get them into the final 16. Look for something like:

Group A
South Africa

Now for the USA.  It does not look to promising, definitely want to hope for Group A with South Africa, but we won't be that lucky.  If not drawn in to South Africa's group then the difficulty will be medium to extremely hard. 

I expect something like this, which will be brutal.


If all this drama is not enough to get you to watch a draw that could be done in 15 minutes dragged out to 3 hours, then you should not be reading this blog, and all I can say is Charlize Theron.

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