Wednesday, November 25, 2009

124 Years Ago Today...A Rivalry Started

The American Football Association gathered together local soccer players of the New Jersey area to create our first national team.  The team played on this day 124 years ago on Clark Field against the Canadian National Team.  The Americans lost 1-0 to the Canadians on that day, but would avenge the lost a year later 3-2.

The game is considered a huge moment in American and Canadian soccer history, but is not considered to be the first international game of either the United States Soccer Federation or the Canadian Soccer Association,  the USSF was founded in 1913 and the CSA in 1912.  According to the USSF, our first international game was in Stockholm, Sweden in 1916, where the Americans were victorious 3-2.  The CSA also won their first official match at Brisbane, Australia; 3-2 in 1924.

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