Thursday, November 19, 2009

The 20th Anniversary of the Goal Heard Round the World

Watch here:

Quite possibly the most important moment in the history of American soccer, turns 20 today.   Bad haircuts and short shorts cannot take away from the greatness of this game.  Was Caliguri's shot really that good?  Was it the sun in the T&T keeper's eyes?  Was it...who gives a shit it was our first qualification for the World Cup in 40 years.    This game was so important for both countries, obviously because T&T have never qualified for a world cup and the 40-year drought for the States.  The sold -out National Stadium in Port-of-Spain provided that setting with 30,000 T&T fans all wearing red.  The day of the game, the T&T government decided to make the next day a national holiday no matter the outcome of the game.      So here to the US team on that day, to Paul Caliguri putting the Yanks threw with a spectacular goal (unlike the cheating French), and to T&T have a happy holiday tomorrow.

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