Monday, November 23, 2009

Was Landon jinxed by the BS Report?

Last night, the LA Galaxy captain stepped up to take the fourth penalty kick for the LA Galaxy.  Landon did his usually routine over the ball before backing up to take his shot.  According to the broadcast team, Landon converted on his last 12 penalties and even against Nick Rimando this was surely going to be 13.   

As he approached the ball, Rimando moved to the shooter's right (Landon's preferred area), Landon looked to strike it down the middle, but instead it went sailing over the bar. 

Now let’s go back to Thursday, when the podcast interview that Landon did with Bill Simmons aired.  During the podcast they converse about his penalty-kick taking history and experiences (about the 4:21 mark).

Here are some quotes from the podcast:

LD - "If he goes early, then it makes it easy, cause I can go to the other side. If they kind of hesitate, then you just want to hit it hard  in a spot that is hard for him to get to... and so in the last second when you change your mind like that, all I'm doing is just trying to get it somewhere the other way, cause I know he isn't going to get to it..."

BS- "So that's when it could be dangerous, when at the last second you change your mind and that's how it ends up sailing over the crossbar, sometimes, for the other guys not you..."

It is unfortunate that Landon missed one of the most important penalties in his life, but the conversation that he had with Bill Simmons makes you think that he could have been jinxed or cursed on this penalty kick.  It’s possible that it was bad luck, but it also possible that Nick Rimando heard the podcast himself and was given an advantage over Donovan.  There is no doubt that Rimando studied Landon's penalty kicks the most out of the Galaxy club, but additionally this podcast could have given him some more insights into his penalty-taking.

Link to the Podcast:  

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